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‘Del Boy’ with dreadlocks……….

This is how I’m starting to think about myself as I review my current activities, business and interests. In honour of the irrepressible ‘Del Boy’ Trotter character in the long running and very funny, 1980s Sitcom, ‘Only fools and horses’.

The one line that still sticks in my memory- even after all these years. “This time next year, ‘Rodders’ we’ll be millionaires”.

Of course, things never quite worked out as planned, but I have always loved Del Boy’s optimism and his eternal hope that things would work out for the best in the end.

Pittabread March 1 2017

So, coming back to me and my business, I never imagined for one moment when growing up that I would end up running my own business. I always thought, hoped, dreamed I would get a good job and work my way up the career ladder.

And then when I did start my own business, I did not foresee developing such an interest in social media and all things digital but that is precisely what happened.

I continue to be fascinated and intrigued by all things digital and social media related.

On which note, I for one would dearly love to see the ‘Trotters‘, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, etc. Just to see how they would manage social media to promote their stall and other ‘business interests’.

So, now after running my coaching business for 17 years, developing an online presence around it and observing how some are thriving in the digital world. I am starting to dream a little about becoming an online entrepreneur, though quite how this will happen, I have no idea.

But I do know, I’m more energised by the potential I see for social media than I have been for quite some time and I think this is linked in part to my past work in open and distance learning.

I have the same sense of excitement and optimism I had when working for the Open University and Ford Motor Company. Where my role within both these organisations was based on the idea of making learning as accessible as possible, to as many as possible.

Have always believed that knowledge and learning should not be restricted to the ‘elite’ or the ‘lucky few’. In fact, as I write this, I can recognise that this is what is underpinning my fascination and excitement around social media.

So, I guess you never know, this time next year I may well be an online entrepreneur. 😉

Until next time


Why, I really work for myself…………………

After ten years or so of working for myself – I occasionally find that I get a little tired of doing everything myself, that is the accounts, the marketing, the promotion, the design, the production of copy for my website etc, etc.

So every now and again in a ‘fit of pique’, I start looking at jobs and even send off for a few job descriptions, person specifications and all the other bits of paper that go with making a job application. However every time I look at the mountain of information required and start reading about duties, responsibilities, competences, essential and non essential criteria – my heart sinks and I think “How much do I really want this job?”

And I have to be honest the answer is invariably “not enough”. Not enough to tie myself to an employer and as I see it, to the daily routine of having to be at a certain place at a certain time, accountable and responsible to a certain person/organisation, day in and day out.

I worry and wonder if at some level I am unemployable, because somehow I can’t quite bring myself to give up working for myself – with all the pitfalls, problems and issues that it brings. So what is it, that keeps me going, even when the order book is looking a ‘little light’ and the pattern of work is often like waiting for buses, nothing for ages then three turn up at once?

The one thing I can come up with is when I think back to the initial euphoria I felt when I handed in my resignation to my then employer. I remember coming out onto the steps of their building and looking upwards to a clear blue sky and feeling that the ‘world was my oyster’.

So that I think is what keeps me going now, that picture and very clear sense that there are a whole range of opportunities out there, I just need to find them.

So there you have it.

Until next time

You can’t stand still in business………

I’ll hold my hands up – I had been attempting to just ‘jog’ along with my business, ignore the recession and continue on after a very successful year. I had hoped to continue maintaining the same level of work, balancing it with family and other commitments – and for a while this was working quite nicely, thank you very much.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, one of my biggest clients’ pulls the rug- delivering the message by email no less. I guess in this technology savvy world, how else are you going to communicate! All of a sudden the continuation of some 6 years of work looks to be in very serious jeopardy.

All may not be quite lost, although there will be a very serious dent in my revenue if I am unable to plug the gap. So what are my options as I gaze at the hole that has appeared in my order book, as if by magic?

Well I guess one option is to bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s not really happening. Maybe another client will come charging to the rescue and offer me tons of work – without me having to lift a finger to find it.

Option two – is to, well panic, run around like a headless chicken – networking, networking like mad, signing up for anything and everything just in case it is the one thing that will fill the gap. It wouldn’t matter what the plug was, just as long as there was one!

Another option – is to just grit my teeth and stay with the pain of potentially losing a big piece of work. I need to accept that my complacency, in assuming that this work would always be available when I wanted, may have contributed to the potential loss. I had in a sense, already ‘buried my head in the sand’.

So now, having accepted the loss/change, I need to start exploring the gap and think more strategically with a cool head and hopeful heart about the opportunities this presents. All is not lost, who else might value the product I offer? What other market opportunities are out there? How else could the product be branded and brought to market? What else could I develop along similar lines?

I need to take a breath, take some control and actively plan for the future of my business.

Until next time