Roots and wings…………

The two things I wish for my daughter

“There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots and the other is wings”

I came across this lovely quote a while ago on Pinterest and it really struck a chord with me as the mother of a teenage daughter. Particularly as we approach the end of a long and pretty trying school year.

Pittabread Roots and Wings July 2016 1

Strangely it also helped me to reach a decision about her schooling and recognise the importance of strong and supportive friendships, especially at this time in her life.

Realised that this is precisely what I wish for my daughter, for her to have the wings to fly and soar to wherever she wants and the roots, so she knows who and where she can call home.

So my wishes for her include:- 

  • Wings – for confidence and the belief in her abilities to pursue her dreams.
  • Roots – to know who she is, where she comes from and where home is.
  • Wings – to take some risks and try new things
  • Roots – strong enough to know right from wrong.
  • Roots – to know the people she can really trust and rely on.
  • Wings – to take the lead when needed
  • Roots –  to listen to her own wisdom when surrounded by a lot of noise
  • Wings – to be open to new possibilities and opportunities
  • Wings – for the friends that will support her as she expands her horizons and grows.

Pittabread Roots and wings July 2016 2

  • Roots – to have the wisdom to weigh each opportunity with care
  • Wings – for courage, when facing a bit of danger, risk and uncertainty
  • Roots – for comfort, safety and security in an uncertain world
  • Wings – to travel and explore the world, seek out new horizons
  • Roots – to know where she can retreat to when life gets a bit too much.
  • Wings – for the friends she will travel with on her adventures
  • Roots – for the friends that will be there for her when she needs them
  • Wings – to say yes, when needed!
  • Roots – to say no, when needed!
  • Wings and roots –  for her to provide the support when her friends are in need.

Given recent events I think all our children may well need this,  now more than ever.

So there you have it, until next time.


Janice Taylor


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